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Experienced and Dedicated 

With Experior, the difference isn't what we do; it's how we do it.  We don't play games. You hate games, and they only waste our time and yours.  We've been around long enough to realize the value of a customer that comes back over and over, so we make it all easy and honest.  From our salesmen, to our mechanics, to our customer finance group, we’re an experienced and dedicated team that takes pride in getting the job done right every day.

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Equipment Experts

We've assemble a team from all over, with expertise in all types of equipment.  With our national network we can find any type of equipment you're looking to buy.  If its out there, we can find it.  That's because we have a team that buys used equipment full time.  It's simple, our network allows us to find whatever you need or sell whatever you have.  Experior is ready for any type transaction -- whatever it takes to help you grow your business.

Our Advantage

It's almost unfair.  We have the benefit of working side by side with our sister company, Polmax Truck and Trailer Repair,  Every unit sold on our lot travels through that shop first, and comes out the door backed by a free 6-month warranty.  Sending trucks through one of Chicago's best shops gives us all confidence when we sell a truck, and keeps customers coming back year after year. It's a little unfair, but we'll take it.  

The modern 200,000 square foot facility is located outside of Chicago and is home to the full-service Polmax shop, fueling station, warehouse, parking and deluxe driver amenities.

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